1. Hello Rabbi,

    My maternal grandmother ‘s maiden name is Beccera. In her family there were a number a men with biblical first names like Benjamin. And apparently a family story about origins in Spain. Would you guess that perhaps she has a converso past? Thank you.

  2. Rabbi, my name is Thomas Gutierrez, my grandmother came from the Longoria De La Pontiga family of Asturias, Spain. My grandfather came from Guadalajara, Mexico and left at a young age (he ran away, as our family has told it). We have always lived away from other Hispanic families and lived pretty sheltered in rural Michigan. My father grew up in southern Texas where grew into a large Gutierrez family and moved to Michigan and owned farm land and made a living growing produce. Anyways, I thought I knew something about our family, but have run into a lot of conflicting issues such as some in the Longoria side being involved in inquisitions, while there is no information on the Gutierrez history other than possibly one of the first immigration trips by Juan Gutierrez in 1561(?). I believe that we must be Jewish, possibly by both sides of our fraternal grandparents ancestry. I would like to know what you advise for me and my family as far as verifying our Jewish ancestry. Presently, we live in Central Texas, in the city of Killeen, between Dallas and San Antonio. Thank you.

  3. I only became aware of my Jewish ancestry through exploring my genealogy and seeing the pattern of intermarriage through hundreds of years down to my grandparent’s arranged marriage. I joined the site geni.com and plugged in my information. up popped all my Jewish ancestry. My ancestors came to the New World to escape the inquisition and developed a pattern of intermarriage. It wasn’t really that surprising to me since my dad was raised nominally catholic but hated the church, didn’t believe in the divinity of Christ and only used the old testament. My family has never fit in and there was something oddly different about us. we were aware of the separation but never understood the source.

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